About Me

I began my career as a journalist in the marketing industry with three perk-filled, alcohol-fuelled years in London, before retreating up North to go freelance (and sober), write my first book and study for a Masters degree at York University.

A few years later - frustrated by my inability to fill local coaching workshops - I learnt how to run an online business and have since spent the past decade building sales pages, penning marketing posts and hosting client calls from around the globe.

I've refused to play by the traditional rules of work and life, and through following my intuition rather than fear or reason, I've been on extraordinary adventures. 

I've come eye-to-eye with humpback whales, meditated in the Great Pyramid and stargazed from the tallest mountain in the world. I've hosted a telesummit from Ibiza, held 1:1 client retreats in Hawaii and built websites in Italy.

Now I've returned to my native Yorkshire for a break from airport food and Airbnbs, and to help entrepreneurs uplevel their business with an elegant online presence and engaging copy.


It would a pleasure to put my (digital) pen and design skills at your service.

© 2020 Cordelia F Brabbs